Don't Touch the Birds

emerges as an artistic exploration, delving into the enigmatic interplay between humanity and the animal kingdom within the contrived realms of zoological institutions. Amidst the usual spectacle of zoo visits, the artist redirects our gaze to the spectators themselves. Within her captivating frames, she unveils the meticulously crafted façade of "natural" environments. These evocative snapshots were captured amidst the curated landscapes of zoos and marine sanctuaries in London and Vienna.

Some of her compositions evoke psychological portraiture, inviting viewers to empathize with the captive creature's perspective. Others expose the surreal choreography of manufactured "wilderness." Many images reveal the seamless fusion of organic and synthetic elements, blurring the lines between reality and the virtual. Through her lens, the artist unravels the disconnect between mankind and the natural world, employing abstractions and reflections as her artistic language.

This exhibition unfolds as a visual narrative, unveiling dystopian undertones latent within contemporary society.


In November 2022 in collaboration with Magnum Photos Learn and the illustrious Photo Book Café London, the zine "Don't Touch The Birds" was published.




The lyrical juxtaposition

of mundane pictures.



12 Hours oF(f)

The exhibition "12 Hours of(F)" emerged 2019. It commenced with a captivating performance led by Alina Sesser, Anja Filatova, Anna Berthold, Maria Viola, Johannes Rips, and Stefanie Freynschlag. Their aim: to construct an immersive experience within the span of twelve hours, crafting both physical installations and accompanying audio compositions. As visitors stepped into the space, they encountered a dynamic tableau of creators engrossed in their craft. A palpable energy pulsed through the room, guided by the gentle rhythm of creation. Overhead, a subtle countdown marked the passage of time, a silent witness to the collaborative endeavor unfolding below.



12 Hours of(f)




The picture was only illuminated with cell phone light and tablet light. The devices were subsequently edited out of the picture.