StEfanie Freynschlag.

was born in 1988 in Linz, Austria. She lives and works in Vienna. After she finished the Graphische (a higher school for photography in Vienna), she started her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. At the moment she is working as a photographer and artist in Vienna


  • 2022 "Don't Touch The Birds" Zine - Photo Book Cafe London
  • 2022 "Picturing Places" Workshop with Mark Power - Magnum Photos
  • 2022 Group-Exhibition at Garage Grande with the series "Basic needs."
  • 2021 "Onionflowers" textile work (Jaquard), Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.
  • 2020 "Mystery of tales", Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.
  • 2019 "12 hours off" Installation, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.
  • 2017 "Media" Rundgang, Vienna, Austria
  • 2011 “Between Myth and Reality: Encounters with Roma“ Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Austria
  • 2010 “Einschliesslich/Ausschliesslich“ Schömerhaus (ESSL Museum), Klosterneuburg (Austria) 

"She is in search of spaces that were shaped as if by accident and cinematic, magical moments. Her photographic mission is to make visible the secrets that can be found in everyday life. The imagery she creates tries to invite others into this "looked-at" world. If she succeeds in expressing an authentic mood, one recognizes something abstract, that connects us and our emotions. Her focus are visual story telling, moments, art and portraits. Currently she is also studying at the University of Fine Arts in Vienna. " Female Photographers Vienna

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